Wireless Community Project.

so it has been a project of mine for a while, though one I have never actually started, because of the cost of the equipment mainly. Wireless aerials, decent ones at least are quite expensive. but it is a project that I would very much like to get off the ground.

Basically this would be a Mesh network separate from the internet, Independent, with services that can run on it, such as a local telephony service, DNS and web servers. any thing really. would be “free” to connect to and join, with those that know what they are doing being able to charge for services or run them free of charge.

places all over the world have done this and it would be nice to see the same here.




Using a search engine many examples are easy to find.

Anyway, I do not have the technical knowhow to pull off something large scale. Though starting small with a single node and having a place for discussion and collaboration to take place would be a start. Wifi Nation was the name that I came up with almost 20 years ago when wireless tech was only at 54Mb, now the tech has improved quite a lot with gigabit connections available, though quite pricey for the equipment. would be good for the backbone / backhaul connections between mesh nodes throughout a city.

Anyway, if anyone reads this and thinks it sounds like a great idea, and you are in New Zealand, please feel free to leave comments and advice. www.gowifi.co.nz seems to be a good place for equipment.

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